3rd Bottle Wines

It all started when...

Our founder, Jeff Jakus, started down the long and winding wine road more than 20 years ago, looking for great wines at great prices. Now retired, but still actively engaged in drinking wine, Jeff has founded 3rd Bottle Wines - a boutique wine distributor and selective retailer. Besides offering our Distinctive Daily Drinkers that you will want to pull from your cellar after the first couple impressive (and most likely expensive) labels, we offer cool wine accessories and wine/bourbon barrel furniture. I know it sounds a bit weird, but we are also an equity partner in the premier barrel furniture design and build business - Gustaf Rooth Designs.
There are a few ways to do business with us. We are located in Coronado, California the home of the Island Beer Club. There wasn't an Island Wine Club so we have created one that we call the Coronado Wine Club. All residents (current and past) are allowed to join. Head to the Join button at the top of each page on our sitre. Another way to join is to be referred to us by an existing WineKode Key member. Again, just head to the Join button at the top of each page. Once you are approved, CWC and WineKode members can access the same shopping section called "Members Only" where the real deals are stashed. For those that want to look around a bit before joining, they can access the 'Steals & Deals' section where a sampling of items are available at higher prices.
Navigate over to the 'About' page to find out a little bit more information on 'WineKode Key' and 'Coronado Wine Club' memberships.
We hope to see hear from you soon!